“My payment arrived by Express Mail within a few days after I sent in my package.  Thanks for the fast service.”

Mary, Florida

“Thanks for telling me that some old gold isn’t marked. I sent in my jewelry and you found some real gold.  I would have never known.”

Robert, Montana

“Five of my girlfriends and I mailed our gold to you and just like you told me on the phone you paid us twice as much as the prices we were given at a gold party. The people who ran the gold party were mad that we didn’t want to sell the gold to them that night. I’m so glad we all held on to our gold. It really paid off for all of us.”

Vanessa, Arizona

Dear We Buy Gold, I was so surprised when my check arrived that I had to write you to thank you.  My grandfather was a retired dentist and when I found a big box of old dental gold, caps and teeth I had no idea what they could be worth. A friend of mine told me about your gold buying service. Best of all I could send the dental gold in to you with the old teeth still in some of the pieces. I didn’t have to break them apart because my friend told me it is part of your service to clean up the gold to determine the value.  When my check arrived it was five times more than what I was expecting. I’m now searching through my house to find some more dental gold and I have already found some old gold jewelry to send in. I’ll get the box out to you next week and I’m sure I’ll be surprised again when my next check arrives.

Thanks so much,

Elizabeth, Ohio

“Your fair payment really helped us out paying off some bills we had. We never used that old jewelry and you turned it into cash for us. Thanks for helping.”

Marge & Greg, Utah

“I would have spent hours trying to untangle some old gold chains and bracelets I had. Thanks for telling me that I could send in the whole tangled mess and you could recover all the gold. You saved me a lot of time.”

Joyce, Georgia

“When our mortgage was overdue we didn’t know where to turn.  We found your website and saw that you bought old coins.  We forgot we even had them.  The payment you sent us made us catch up and took some pressure off us for the next payment. Thanks.”

Bill & Donna, Kentucky

“A friend of mine in my metal detecting club told me about you. Your company paid me a lot more than the gold buyers in my area. I’m telling the other club members about you. Thanks for send out my payment using overnight mail. I’m going to buy a better detector with the money I got.”

Jerry, California

Dear WBG Processing, I am writing you to tell you that my check arrived and that I am very happy. When I found that old tool box with old jewelers tools in it I had no idea that the little glass jars had real gold in them. From talking to you on the phone I found out the little pieces were gold solder, ring shanks, stone boxes, and gold sheets for making jewelry and repairing jewelry. I was going to sell the box at my garage sale. You paid me more money for the gold than I made at my garage sale that whole weekend. Thanks for being so honest.”

Thank you,

Heather, North Dakota

“I’m so glad I found your company on the internet. I didn’t want to sell my gold in my town because the people in the gold store could tell my friends that I had to sell my gold because I needed extra money to help pay my bills. I live in a small town and news travels fast. I also was afraid they would put out my old jewelry in their showcase and resell it. All my friends know about my fancy jewelry and they would know that the jewelry in the showcase was mine. I like to keep my dealings private.  You really helped me out with my bills.”

Laura, Oklahoma

“I was able to pay off 2 credit cards with high interest rates with the money you sent me for my gold. I thought I would never pay those cards off. Thanks for the fast payment.”

George, Ohio