Step One: Gather up all your old precious metals which are laying around the house including gold, platinum, silver and sterling. Gold Jewelry and Gold Coins are the most popular items that our customers send us. Condition is not important. We buy gold jewelry even if it is broken or damaged. How about that old sterling silver flatware set that is just gathering dust in your drawer. It could be worth hundreds of dollars. Gold rings, watches, wedding bands, charm bracelets, class rings, gold chains, dental gold, gold coins, gold ingots & bars, silver coins, sterling silver tea sets & flatware, gold necklaces, gold pins & pendants, the list goes on and on. Once you gather up your items and get them all together you’re one step closer to GETTING CASH.

Step Two: Separate the gold, platinum, and silver and place them in bags or wrapping paper to prepare them for shipping. Create and print out two Packing Lists using our Packing List Maker on our website. Keep one for yourself and include the other list in your shipment so we know where to send your payment. Find a nice sturdy box or get a FREE PRIORITY or EXPRESS MAIL BOX from your local United States Post Office. These boxes are FREE for the asking. A United States Postal Clerk will be glad to assist you. Place your items in the box along with the MAILING FORM and secure it with tape. Address the box and you are now two steps closer to receiving your PAYMENT. Be sure to include all your information with your shipment so we know where to send your payment.  If you do not print out our form on your printer, hand write your information. We will get a copy of your information when you submit your form online.

Step Three: Head on down to any United States Post Office with your package and hand it to a United States Postal Clerk. You will want to insure it for safety. Postal insurance is reasonable and is guaranteed. Most of our customers use PRIORITY or EXPRESS MAIL. EXPRESS MAIL includes $100.00 FREE Insurance with Free Package Tracking. Additional insurance can be purchased. When shipping heavy items ask for a PRIORITY FLAT RATE BOX. You can ship up to 70 pounds for one price. Insurance can also be purchased. We recommend it. Once your shipment is turned over to the Post Office be sure to save your shipping and insurance receipts. Now you?re three steps closer to receiving cash for your items.

Benefits Of Mailing Your Own Items:

While many companies offer free mailing kits, your items are generally insured for $100.00 or less and under $40.00 if you don’t have certified written appraisals. Why risk an unexpected loss when you can send your items fully insured through the United States Post Office. It’s the safest and best way to guarantee your valuables against loss.

Mail Your Items Along With Your Sellers Agreement Form To:

WBG Processing

PO Box 452

Colts Neck, NJ 07722

Note: We use a United States Post Office Box because it is the safest means of delivering your shipment to us securely. Once it arrives at our United States Post Office it is secure and guarded by the United States Postal Service. It does not leave the Post Office on a regular mail route. Over the years we have found that when mailing your items, the safest and most secure delivery path is from your Post Office to our Post Office. Security is one of our top concerns.

Your Items Are Now On Their Way To Us: Sit back and relax. Your payment will soon arrive for all of your unwanted and unused items. You have turned those items into CASH and now it’s time to treat yourself to something special. Selling has never been easier.